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DIY with Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint 

#1 Chalk Mineral Paint in the USA. High quality, easy and affordable so every DIYer can discover the joy of painting. No priming, sanding or sealing required.

You can purchase Dixie Belle Paint and Re-design with Pima products from Swann's Store at these locations: 


Cecil's Country Store -

20853 Indian Bridge Rd | California, MD

Swann's Store at the SOF|Market -

22725 Duke Street | Leonardtown, MD

To learn more about Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint products, or to purchase, use the button below to send us a message or contact us on Facebook @swannsstore. 

Chalk Mineral Paints

Our Chalk Mineral Paints do not require wax or any type of sealant.  They have a beautiful finish just the way it dries.  If you take our finishing pads and give a quick buff....the finish will be as smooth as butter.  

 Transfers & Moulds

Explore the many possibilities of transforming your home, home decor or furniture with our Dixie Belle Belle's and Whistles transfers. Exceptionally detailed, gorgeously composed and easy to apply.

Best Dang Wax

This really is the Best Dang Wax out there!! Water-based, creamy and full of color!

Choose from Clear, Brown, Black and Grunge Gray

Sea Spray

Create a Chippy, Textured and Sun-Weathered look, just like a day at the beach.

Dixie Mud

Dixie Mud can fill veneer gouges, scrapes, or even holes for perfect repairs before painting. 

Gator Hide

Super tough! Great for Table Tops and Cabinets. Repels Water. Water Based.

Chalk Mineral Paints

Dixie Belle's new Silk Mineral Paint is an all-in-one paint. It has built-in stain blocking primer and built-in top coat. It is also stain, water and mildew resistant.  The built in primer is equivalent to  one coat of Dixie Belle Boss.  For projects with tough stains or heavy bleed through an extra coat of Boss may be required. Silk paint dries to an matte hard finish that is smooth.

Easy Peasy Wax

Easy Peasy! Just spray, let it sit for 10-15 seconds then wipe! Provides long lasting protection

Dixie Belle Crackle

This is perfect for that Cracked, Aged Effect!  Just like how the blazing Southern Sun can crackle lines in the desert sands....Dixie Belle Crackle will create lines of crackle in anything you want to look aged.

Dixie Dirt

Straight from the fields of Dixie, add that authentic dirty, grimy layer with Dixie Dirt.

Earth-warm, earthy brown

Ash-original Dixie Dirt color, soft and pretty gray

Charcoal-Black as night

Clear Coat Finish

Water-resistant. Available in Flat, Gloss, or Satin finish. 

To learn more about Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint products, or to purchase, use the button below to send us a message or contact us on Facebook @swannsstore. 

Swanns Store sells antique furniture and upcycled furniture repainted with Dixie Bell Paint. Swann's also offers painting workshops for DIY decorators who want to learn how to paint furniture with chalk paint. Located in St. Mary's County, Maryland you can find our products located at retailers throughout Southern Maryland. 

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