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Experience the vibrant essence of Cerulean, the color that mirrors a clear and bright sky. Let this bold shade take you on a journey of inspiration!


Introducing Terra Clay Artisan Paint, a game-changer in the world of clay and chalk painting. With no rules to hold you back, this innovative line by Dixie Belle Paint Company is perfect for DIY enthusiasts who love to think outside the box. Whether you crave a bohemian weathered look, a chippy texture, or the timeless charm of old-world Roman clay walls, Terra Artisan Clay paint empowers you to layer and create with ease.


Derived straight from the earth and enriched with intense pigments, Terra Clay paint is the ultimate choice. While most colors offer one-coat coverage, the possibilities extend far beyond. Let your creativity soar with Terra Clay Artisan paint, allowing you to unleash your imagination for endless days of artistic exploration. Once your masterpiece is complete, seal it with the reliable protection of Terra Tuff or Terra Seal.


Transform wood, canvas, tile, fabric, walls, floors, and more with Terra Clay paint. Let your playful spirit guide you as you explore the boundless potential of this incredible paint line. Looking to distress paint? Terra is your choice!  Wanting ombre painted furniture? Terra is your choice.  Do you like the chippy look?  Terra is your choice! Remember, it's all about embracing the joy of creation, which is why we crafted this amazing paint collection.


Before embarking on your artistic journey, ensure proper preparation by thoroughly cleaning your piece with Terra Clean. Let the power of Terra Clay Artisan Paint ignite your creativity and bring your visions to life!



  • +Echo Friendly
    +Highly Pigmented
    +Low VOC's
    +Fast Drying
    +Awesome for layering, blending and textures
    +Water soluble
    +Matte Finish
    +Reactivates any time prior to sealing

    +Store in temperatures between 50 - 70-degree F

    +Fast drying time in temperatures around 77 degrees and 50% relative humidity. Cool temperatures, high humidity, thickness, and/or poor ventilation will extend dry time

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