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Introducing our delightful Woodland Animals Rice Decoupage Paper, a perfect addition to create a whimsical touch in a kid's nursery or bring the enchanting cottage core feel to any space. Let these cute and lovable creatures add a playful and imaginative element to your next decoupage project, capturing the essence of nature's beauty.


Our versatile Rice Decoupage Paper allows you to unleash your creativity on various surfaces. Whether it's wood, plastic, metal, glass, or more, this paper adheres effortlessly, opening up endless possibilities for your artistic expression. Let your imagination roam free as you transform ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art, using our Rice Decoupage Paper to bring charm and character to furniture, accessories, and home decor items.


Experience the joy of working with our Rice Decoupage Paper as you infuse your projects with the delightful presence of Woodland animals. Whether you're creating personalized gifts for a baby shower or adding a touch of whimsy to your own living space, our Rice Decoupage Paper offers a seamless application process and delivers exceptional results. Embrace the magic of the Woodland and let our Rice Decoupage Paper be your creative companion.


Simply apply Dixie Belle Clear Coat to the area where you want to place the decoupage paper. Apply the Rice Decoupage Paper to the wet clear coat and then apply another coat of Dixie Belle Clear Coat on top of the Rice Decoupage Paper. Allow to dry completely.


23.39 x 33.11 in. - 59.4 x 84.1 cm.


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