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Welcome to the enchanting world of "Good Vibes," a stunning decoupage artwork that transcends ordinary decor. Composed of four distinct squares, each thoughtfully designed to emanate an aura of positivity and good energy, this captivating piece is a harmonious fusion of creativity, symbolism, and aesthetic appeal.


Every square of "Good Vibes" holds its own unique charm, intricately crafted to inspire tranquility and elevate your surroundings. The carefully selected design elements and vibrant colors work in perfect harmony to create a visual symphony of positivity. Display this remarkable artwork in your space, and let it become a daily reminder to embrace optimism and radiate good vibes.


More than just a decorative piece, "Good Vibes" is a powerful expression of artistic vision and intention. It serves as a visual anchor, grounding your space with its positive energy and inviting a sense of serenity. Each square symbolizes a different facet of harmonious living, offering an invitation to embrace joy, love, gratitude, and peace. Let this captivating artwork uplift your spirit and inspire a daily dose of positivity in your life.


Embrace the transformative power of "Good Vibes" as it gracefully weaves its magic in your space. Allow this captivating decoupage artwork to become a focal point that radiates positivity, uplifting your surroundings and inspiring a sense of tranquility. Order your "Good Vibes" piece today and immerse yourself in a world of beauty, symbolism, and boundless positivity.


21 x 29 in. - 53.34 x 73.66 cm.

GOOD VIBES - Tissue Decoupage Paper

  • 4 Steps for Smooth Tissue Decoupage Paper

    Step 1- Apply a thin layer of Clear Coat Satin where you will be placing the Tissue Decoupage Paper.

    Step 2–Using a Mister Bottle, lightly mist water on the back of the design. The light mist of water makes the paper pliable. DO NOT SOAK. Wait a minute or two for the paper to absorb the water then place it on the piece.

    Step 3–Using a wadded ball of plastic wrap, gently smooth out any wrinkles starting from top to bottom, lifting the paper up as you go to help smooth out the wrinkles.

    Step 4 – Allow the tissue paper and clear coat to fully dry. After completely dry, finish with your choice of Dixie Belle topcoat.

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