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Introducing our first-ever small Rub-On Furniture Transfer, measuring 6x12 inches, 4-sheet set: the delightful "Hydrangea & Lilies" design, complete with a cute bird and hummingbird. This transfer is set to captivate your artistic senses and bring a touch of floral elegance to your creative projects.


The "Hydrangea & Lilies" transfer showcases a stunning array of blooming hydrangeas and graceful lilies, surrounded by lush foliage, making it a perfect choice for adding a touch of nature's beauty to your chalk-painted furniture pieces. But that's not all - its versatility extends to various other surfaces, such as glass, metal, fabric, and crafts, allowing you to craft personalized masterpieces beyond your imagination.


Create an inviting ambiance in your living spaces with this charming design, as the cute bird and hummingbird add a whimsical touch that is sure to make your projects stand out. Whether you're revamping an old dresser, personalizing glass jars, or adding a creative flair to fabric accents, the "Hydrangea & Lilies" transfer is the ideal tool for your artistic endeavors.


Applying this transfer is a breeze - simply rub it onto your chosen surface, and watch as the intricate details and vibrant colors come to life. The flawless integration of this design will leave your creations looking hand-painted and professionally crafted, impressing your friends and family with your artistic talents.


Unlock your creativity with the "Hydrangea & Lilies" Rub-On Furniture Transfer and infuse your projects with the timeless beauty of blooming flowers and playful birds. Elevate your artistic endeavors and transform ordinary pieces into extraordinary works of art today. Let your imagination bloom with this delightful transfer!


The Transfer is 6 x 12 inches divided into 4 sheets for easy application.


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