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Introducing Weeping Willow, Part of the Cottage Collection: Embrace the Serene Beauty of Soft Green


Step into a world of tranquility with Weeping Willow, the newest addition to our paint collection. This exquisite green shade beautifully captures the soft and delicate hues of a willow tree's leaves. Its gentle and serene vibe is sure to bring a touch of calmness to any space.


Weeping Willow is destined to become a fan favorite among DIY enthusiasts and creative souls alike. Its soft and inviting shade evokes a sense of natural beauty and harmony, making it a versatile choice for various projects. Whether you're painting furniture, revamping home decor, or embarking on other crafting endeavors, Weeping Willow is here to delight and inspire.


Experience the magic of Weeping Willow as it transforms your living space into a soothing sanctuary. Let its calming presence wash over you, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and rejuvenation. Elevate your creative projects with this enchanting green hue and discover the endless possibilities it holds.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to infuse your world with the serene beauty of Weeping Willow. Embrace this soft green paint color and let it weave its enchanting spell in your home and DIY creations. Order your Weeping Willow paint today and unlock a world of peaceful inspiration.




  • Dixie Belle Painting will be the easiest and most enjoyable painting you will ever do!

    Dixie Belle Paint is very thick and a little goes a long way. The longer the lid stays off, the thicker it will get. If you'd like it thinner, no worries, just add a little water and stir. Add too much water? No worries, just leave lid off and it will thicken up. Whatever consistency you desire, Dixie Belle Paint will work for you!

    Distress a little too much for your taste? That's okay! Just paint right over that area and start again!

    Most pieces will take one to two coats for full coverage. Sometimes, after the first coat dries it will look blotchy. Don't freak out! After the second coat, it will be beautiful!

    Sometimes you will see brushstrokes, don't worry, as the paint dries, they will disappear. Dixie Belle Paint is the best paint for self leveling.

  • Unlock the possibilities of Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint - the game-changing water-based paint with adhesive qualities that redefines furniture upcycling and DIY projects. Skip the hassle of sanding, priming, and prepping!

    Begin your transformation by using our powerful cleaning solution, White Lightning, to banish dust, grime, and grease. With our premium brushes and a touch of water or misting, effortlessly apply our paint to wood, walls, glass, ceramics, metal, fabric, and even tricky surfaces like Styrofoam or cardboard!

    No topcoat is necessary, but for a personalized touch, explore our range of waxes, glazes, and clear coats.

    Enjoy swift drying and revel in the stunning, flat finish that will exceed your expectations. Need guidance? Watch our beginner's tutorial video for easy-to-follow instructions.

    Embrace your artistic journey with Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint and paint with confidence on cheap furniture, laminate furniture, or even outdoor furniture!

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